Curriculum Vitae

My dream-job is to be a software developer in the field of mixed reality. For example; developing a controlled environment for psychologists, which can be used to treat people with social anxieties, or a program which would help optometrists identify visual impairments in very young children, or even a program which allows architects or construction workers to see a model overlay of their work and get a better understanding of the details of the job.

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Danish – Intermediate (har afslutted prøve i dansk 3)
English – Mastery
Dutch – Mastery (Native)
German – Intermediate



UCN Logo
UCN Computer Science  (07/2018 – 02/2020), 4th semester.

AP degree at University College Nordjylland, UCN.


1. Semester project - Java, UMP, UP, Eclipse (BlueJ)
Creating a Point of Sale system for a fictional ‘Do It Yourself’ store. Including item and customer and supplier CRUD (Create, read, edit and delete), a discount system for customer groups, and automatic inventory management using an automated ordering from suppliers. Includes Business, System Development and Programming.
1. Semester Project Report.pdf
2. Semester project - Java, SQL, UML, UP, Concurrency, Eclipse
Creating an order management system for a real-world company with the main aim to improve and simplify the steps needed to manages the day-to-day tasks of the company. Includes Business Analysis and recommendations, System Development in UML using Unified Process and Programming in Java.
2. Semester Project Report.pdf
3. Semester project - C#, .NET, SQL, Scrum, XP, Concurrency, Visual Studio, Unity
The goal of the 3rd semester project was to create a program in C#, using a client-server architecture. For this project we (the project group) decided on making a game which can be played by multiple users. The users would have to sign up and log in before they could play, and any high-scores would be sent to an SQL server to keep track of the highest scores. On the website the user can ‘create, read, edit and delete’ their own information, as well as see their performance vs others.
We used WPF for the look of our client program, MVC for the website, WCF for the communication between client, website and database and SignalR for keeping an open connection between players. Furthermore, we used Unity to create the game (link to the installer below), but sadly were not able to implement it into the client program due to the time limit for the project (4 weeks). The game supports LAN multiplayer up to 4 people.
3. Semester Project – System Development Report.pdf
3. Semester Project – Technology and Programming Report.pdf
3. Semester Project – Dinnergeddon Game Installer.
4. Semester project - C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Unity, Vuforia, HoloLens
Getting a better understanding of the C# language and the .NET framework. Combined with lectures on how to use Unity and Vuforia in order to develop 3D immersive environments for the Microsoft HoloLens []-).

Other Skills & Experiences
Concurrency, Team Work, Project Management, Business Analysis.

Programming Knowledge

Current skills

C# & .NET – Intermediate
I have worked with various aspects of the C# language and the .Net framework in my 3rd semester project, MVC, WPF, WCF, and continue to improve upon these in my 4th semester using detailed courses from the Pluralsight.

Java – Intermediate
The first and second semester at UCN Computer Sciences were dedicated to learning how to program in Java. This enabled me to learn the basics of Java and apply them in both fictional and real-world scenarios.

Git – Intermediate
I am familiar and comfortable with using Git for version control. In the 1st and 2nd semester in UCN-CS we used Tortoise SVN, however GitHub was a lot easier to use especially with the extension for Visual Studio. Click here for my own GitHub profile and repositories.

SQL – Novice
Part of my CS course is working with data persistence and databases. The 3rd semester especially is a good example of integrating a database which is accessible from both the website and the dedicated client.

HTML & CSS – Novice
Self-taught HTML and CSS and have applied my knowledge to this website. I am currently using WordPress for this website and HTML and CSS to fill in the gaps and stylize it. At some point I wish to rebuild the website from the group up without WordPress, but for now I want to focus on my studies first.

Lua – Basic Knowledge
In my spare time I have working on a game for kids ages 6-12 for the gaming platform RoBlox. This includes learning how to use Lua to add custom game scripts for the game. The game is currently in early development stage, a link to the game will be provided in the future.

Other computer skills

Microsoft Office - Expert
Worked with Microsoft Office suite during my whole academic career and became highly proficient with Word, and also know my way around in Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook.
Microsoft Visual Studio - Intermediate
I have been working with Visual Studio Enterprise edition during my 3rd and now my 4th semester at UCN. I feel very comfortable using it and am familiar with various features including but not limited to GitHub extension and Unit Testing.
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Novice
Worked with MSSQL-MS during my 2nd and 3rd semester projects. I have some familiarity with how to work and edit databases and tables.
Eclipse - Novice
I worked with Eclipse during my second semester project. I know my way around, but would need a refresher course.
WordPress - Intermediate
Experience setting up and maintaining my own website, as well as updating the website of the Frisian Environmental Federation which included adding content to the website as well as changing and adjusting the layout as seen fit by the organization.

In the near future

I want to learn how to work with Unity and create 2D and 3D games and environments. My 4th semester is structured in such a way that I will get a deep understanding of the software and how to properly use it.

“Vuforia is an Augmented Reality Software Development Kit for mobile devices that enables the creation of Augmented Reality applications. It uses Computer Vision technology to recognize and track planar images and simple 3D objects, such as boxes, in real-time.” (Wikipedia). Vuforia will enable me to build Augmented reality applications for the Microsoft HoloLens using Unity, C# & .NET.

Extra Curricular Activities

Danish Language Classes
EUC Nord LogoJeg har allerede afsluttet min uddannelse in den Danske sprog og fik 8 i gennemsnit på min afsluttende eksamen (Prøve i Dansk 3).

Global Growth Agents Programme
GGA LogoI have had the opportunity to join the Global Growth Agents (GGA) programme. The GGA programme is an initiative by the International House North Denmark that aims its focus towards linking the international students residing in the region. It is a 2-year programme that mixes experience and theory and focuses fully on preparing the students for the North Danish workplace. The programme aims to bring together a highly qualified international workforce and companies who are looking to fill skills shortages and increase their global profile through an internationalized workforce.

Student Council
I am also a member of the Student Council at my education at UCN and I represent the students in my class. Anyone with any complaints, ideas or compliments can come to me and I will make sure their voice gets heard during the Student Council meetings which are hosted by the course management.

Tutor for new international students Computer Science
I am one of the main spokespersons for one of the international computer science classes in the 2018-2019 school year. This includes guiding the new class around campus, helping them find their way in Aalborg and being the main source of information for anything school related. Together with other tutors we organize larger events, the biggest and most successful of which was an on campus LAN-party with 50 participants!

Recent work experience


Studentmedhjælper (09/2018 – present) (4h/w)

At UCN Biblioteket

Tasks and responsibilities
Make sure all the books get returned to the proper place in the library
Am responsible for the overall look of the library and ensure it looks neat and tidy
Help students and teachers find the books they need, and help them with any other inquiries they may have.

Skill Development
When a danish student or teachers needs help I try to make sure I answer them in danish as this gives me a chance to practice my danish and improve.



Financial Assistant (02/ – 10/2016) (16h/w)

At William Janssen, Financieel Gezond, NL

Tasks and responsibilities
Processing incoming mail
Work with curator software OnView
Answer telephone and e-mails
Work with sensitive information/ confidentiality agreement.

Skill Development
During my time at this company I have become more assertive. The job not only involved answering phone calls and e-mails, but sometimes also involved make some difficult calls and ‘exerting pressure’ to ensure we or our clients got what we needed.



Randstad LogoBelastingdienst LogoNationaal Archief Logo


Administrative Assistant, Document Scanner (02/ – 10/2016) (20h/w)

Employed by Randstad Employment agency, NL,
to work at the Dutch National Tax Office (Belastingdienst),
on a project by order of the Dutch National Archives.

Tasks & responsibilities
Work according to strict rules and guidelines
Handle very precious and fragile books.
Work with sensitive information/ confidentiality agreement.

Skill Development
During my time at this company I learned to work under time pressure and to deliver expected results in due time. I learned to work on an hourly quota and follow instructions by the letter. The material I worked with was highly varied so almost every day has additional challenges and rules and guidelines to adhere to.


Various smaller jobs & projects,
volunteer jobs and internships

Below an overview of various smaller jobs and temporary projects I took on. Most of these were for a limited time only, when the companies needed extra employees.
For example during summer holiday season or during a yearly financial review period.


Globus Medical LogoAdministrative Assistant, AR/AP Specialist (2015) (40h/w)
Globus Medical, NL

Mayfran International IconAdministrative Assistant, Planning Department (2015) (40h/w)
Mayfran Limburg BV, NL

Veolia Transport Limburg BV Icon Travel Advisor, for Busses and Trains (2015) (0 – 20h/w)
Veolia Transport Limburg BV, NL

Friese Milieu Federatie IconVolunteer, Communications and Project Assistant (09/2014 – 05/2015) (0 – 20h/w)
Frisian Environmental Federation, NL

Knights of the Four Quarters LogoVolunteer Living History, Archery Instructor (04/2012 – 09/2014) (0 – 16h/w)
Knights of the Four Quarters, NL

Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht LogoInternship, Nature- and Environmental Education Assistant (07/ – 11/2013) (36h/w)
Natural History Museum Maastricht, NL

IKEA LogoSummer job, Sales Assistant (08/2011) (40h/w)

Centro Carapax LogoInternship, Animal Caretaker (06/ – 08/2007) (28h/w)
Turtle Rescue Centrum Carapax, Italy



I enjoy gardening, though I do not have a garden right now, I try to create my own little garden on our balcony. I enjoy watching the flowers sprout and grow and enjoy their beauty.

Board games
If time permits I play board games with my friends around 2 or 3 times a week, my favourite ones are Clank!, Mystic Vale, Gloomhaven, Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness (2nd ed.).

When I need to relax I often find myself drawing a little something or colouring mandalas in one of those ‘adult colouring books’. It is very relaxing and therapeutic.

Now that I am living close to the water I can also take up fishing again, something I was taught by my grandfather many years ago. It’s just an amazing feeling just standing there by the water’s edge and just nothing but you and the water.

Of course like many of my peers I enjoy my fair share of computer gaming. Mainly on my PC, but I have a Nintendo Switch as well for some couch fun with friends.