About me

When I was a little kid I often got asked the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” An astronaut, or a doctor, or…

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I wanted to be a veterinarian, help people and animals be happy and healthy together. But lets be honest, how many kids grow up to actually be what they wanted to be? I found out I couldn’t do that due to being allergic to animals, Go figure right.?. So after a while of trying out a few different courses and trying to find my place in the world I have now found something that fits me perfectly.

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Which is why I am studying Computer Sciences at UCN now, and so far it has been really fun and interesting. The main topics so far have been; In my 1st and 2nd semester the focus was on business, Java programming, understanding UML and UP, SQL databases and getting familiar with how a computer actually works. How to work with multi-threading, concurrency, parallelism and data persistence. In my 3r semester we started to focus in C# and the .NET framework, and this is where things got really interesting. We learned to use the WPF to create visually pleasing desktop applications, and used WCF to handle the communication between our client, the SQL database and the website. Here is a link to the GitHub repository about the 3rd semester project: “Dinnergeddon“. In my 4th semester I am focusing on a getting a deeper understanding of the C# language and the .NET framework. I am combining this with getting knowledge and experience in unity 3D development with the goal of being able to develop Holographic Applications for use in the HoloLens []-).

But why Denmark ?

EUC Nord LogoWell, truth be told, I moved here to be with the love of my life. So I am here to stay! Jeg har allerede afsluttet min uddannelse in den Danske sprog og fik 8 i gennemsnit på min afsluttende eksamen (Prøve i Dansk 3).

GGA LogoAdditionally, I have also been selected for the Global Growth Agents (GGA) programme. The GGA programme is an initiative by the International House North Denmark, it is a 2-year programme that mixes experience and theory and focuses fully on preparing the students for the North Danish workplace. The programme aims to bring together a highly qualified international workforce and companies who are looking to fill skills shortages and increase their global profile through an internationalized workforce.
More information on: ihnd.dk/gga.

Click here to read my full Curriculum Vitae.